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Made With Slides: Coloring Books


Anyone could learn about Dinosaurs from A-Z while also being able to color graphics that help you remember each dinosaur.


Anyone could learn words of success from A-Z while also being able to color graphics that help you remember those words.

"How to Create Series"

"How to Create Series"

How to Create a Robot kit. Design a robot with Google Slides & Canva
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You are able to customize this booklet anyway you would like. It is a Google Slides document and you also get access the Canva version.


Anyone could learn how to create robots by following a simple step by step guide.


This printable how to create a robot booklet has numerous examples of various robot heads, robot eyes, robot mouths, and also robot antennae. There is also a bonus props section.


At the end of the booklet are uncompleted robots for the user to complete to, therefore, improve their drawing skills. There are also several blank pages for them to create their own drawing from scratch.


This workbook comes as a 22 page 8.5" x 11" (standard US letter) pdf document. After purchasing the file you will be able to edit it in Google Slides or canva. Just simply select the canva or google slides link to get the editable file.


This booklet is perfect for regular school and at-home school classroom activities, art classes, and drawing classes. This activity is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. We made sure that the instructions are easy to follow for a beginner, but it could be an inspiration for advanced artists of all ages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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